On3D Studios

We aim to create amazing universes, rich stories and characters living ON3D worlds.

Manipulate time to evade the all-seeing eyes of the city’s omnipresent AI, and shake off the guards it sends after you in Quantum Replica.

A top down Cyberpunk Stealth-action adventure game.

A new and exciting adventure is coming soon.

Currently in development.

About us

ON3D is a video game development studio based in Bogotá, Colombia, striving to bring highly entertaining game experiences for consoles and PC. Founded in 2012 we’ve released our first PC game “Quantum Replica”, a top down Cyberpunk Stealth-action adventure game, in 2018.



Jaime is the leader. You can call him Alucard. A huge soccer fan and ex-CrossFit star who exclusively uses sneakers and don't you dare put any type of onions on his burgers.


Level Designer

Damian is the proud owner of 3 dogs and 4 cats. Damian loves horror games, even if he's scared by every second of it. He is one of the only humans that can boast to have the earned hardest achievement in Quantum Replica, and used to own a superman mirror.


3D Animation

His hate for Bogota’s public transportation system fuels the love he has for bicycles. He has not seen all the Harry Potter movies but he has seen all the seasons of Breaking bad. He plays GTA just to make chaos and loves salsa music even though he can't dance.


Art Director

Born without talent for art, he forged his hands with discipline and sacrifice, to climb and reach the highest of the unattainable mountains of drawing, today, he continues to forge his hands. Lover of Arnold Schwarzenegger movies and roll down the streets on bicycles. For Alberto, the perfect day involves drinking beer and drawing. Also, He had a secret plan to steal Rio, the company's pet, I mean... the alarm system.


3D Animation

He is the total opposite of the Grinch. Juan loves Christmas and Overwatch. He knows how Meredith Gray works, and he is kind of a soccer star (we still need proof). He can live with just broasted chicken and AC Milan on Tv.



Directives: Jaime is mine, an empty chair should never be empty, every sound at the door should be reported.



Crazy Starfox collector with a terrible sense of orientation. Without Google Maps he is useless. David uses a left handed mouse and used to keep a boa constrictor and a tarantula as office pets. He misses Chocorramos (a typical Colombian snack) and playing Command and Conquer in his old Pentium I PC.



She is responsible for everyone's survival in the company. Diana is the heart of On3D, she loves to dance and sleep but she has a temper, so be careful. She steals her son candies but later the guilt can made her cry. Once she had a motorcycle but that rebel life was not for her. If you have the opportunity to try her meatballs dish, you will be in heaven.



Directives : Ignore Rio, be a lady, chase the ball and sleep all day on the cushion.


A.I. Programming

Mariano is like Joey Tribbiani, he does not share food. Metalhead powered by a cup of coffee, His low tolerance to pain ruined his BMX career… that, and his fear of speed and heights. If you want to be his enemy give him salad.



Andres is a musician who has played guitar since he was 13 years old. He'll take your secrets to the grave. He learned English playing Final fantasy and he is very strict with grammar. He wants to live in Finland but first, he needs a passport.


3D Modeling

She's a cat lover second only to loving any Steam promo that she can find. She has more than 250 games, of which she's only played 20%. She loves bread, does not wear glasses, and she will not say “hi” on the street.



Cristian is a D&D DM and writes fantasy novels as a hobby. Cristian is one of the only Colombians that hasn’t seen “Saint Seiya”. He played rugby for over 6 years and loves Batman, Stephen King, and lasagna. His dream is to give a GDC talk one day.


Louis-René Auclair

Chief Jumper

- 17+ Years in video games
- Ex-COO of Hibernum and CEO and Founder of RocketRide Games
- Managed teams in excess of 150 professionals
- Successful track record of working with publishers
- Successful track recording in securing IP partnerships
- Dozens of successful releases across all platforms

Mathieu Fecteau

Senior Producer

- 20+ Years in video games production, 15 as manager and producer
- Strong Background in PC, Console and Mobile game production
- Expert in organisation and planning
- Team player and inspiring leader
- Spokesperson and expert in business relationship
- Solid artistic Background
- AAA Experience

Patrick Sweeney


- Patrick Sweeney is one of the leading attorneys in the games industry.

- 18+ years working in the games industry, Patrick has negotiated an array of game development agreement, resulting in the commercial release of more than 250 games across all distribution platforms and territories.

- Founding member and President of the Video Game Bar Association, an invitation-only organization made up of the top legal practitioners in the games industry.

Daniel Jose Cabrera

Developer & Publisher Relations

- Business developer at On3D Studios
- Successful PR development
- Background in Marketing, advertising and CRM.
- Game Design certificate by Calarts

David Ghozland

Senior Creative Director

- 20 Years in video games
- 6 Years as Producer
- 8 Years as Design Director
- Solid background in game mechanics and system and level design
- AAA Experience
- Strong Vision on Art and Design
- UI/UX flow expert

Rocket Ride Games

Rocket Ride games is a complete solutions provider. They specialize in providing Video Games companies everything from funding to business development, Production Management and marketing strategies.


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