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On3D Studios

Welcome to ON3D, a video game development studio dedicated to creating unforgettable gaming experiences. We share a passion for crafting amazing universes, rich stories, and characters that come to life in our immersive ON3D worlds.

Manipulate time to evade the all-seeing eyes of the city’s omnipresent AI, and shake off the guards it sends after you in Quantum Replica.

A top down Cyberpunk Stealth-action adventure game.

D.A.N.G.E.R. Team. is a stylized action game where the player controls a team of three uniquely-capable spies. Experience the game’s secrets, gadgets, explosions, absurd situations, and unforgettable villains alone or with a partner via co-op.

About Us

We are a video game development studio based in Bogotá, Colombia, striving to bring highly entertaining games for consoles and PC. We create games for all types of gamers to experience something special through their compelling storylines and innovative gameplay mechanics, topped up by the great works of our highly experienced art department. Based in Bogotá, Colombia, On3D was founded on 2012.


Louis-René Auclair

Chief Jumper

- 17+ Years in video games
- Ex-COO of Hibernum and CEO and Founder of RocketRide Games
- Managed teams in excess of 150 professionals
- Successful track record of working with publishers
- Successful track recording in securing IP partnerships
- Dozens of successful releases across all platforms

Daniel Cabrera

Developer & Publisher Relations

- Former business developer at On3D Studios
- Successful PR development
- Background in Marketing, advertising and CRM.
- Game Design certificate by Calarts

Patrick Sweeney

Legal advisor

- Patrick Sweeney is one of the leading attorneys in the games industry.

- 18+ years working in the games industry, Patrick has negotiated an array of game development agreement, resulting in the commercial release of more than 250 games across all distribution platforms and territories.

- Founding member and President of the Video Game Bar Association, an invitation-only organization made up of the top legal practitioners in the games industry.

Pete Andrew

Senior production advisor

- Over 30 years of industry experience with companies like EA, THQ, & Namco Bandai
- Over 15 years of executive leadership experience across both development and publishing positions
- Hands on expertise for all aspects of game development from concept to gold master
- Specializing in making games happen through creative collaboration

David Ghozland

Senior Creative Director

- 20 Years in video games
- 6 Years as Producer
- 8 Years as Design Director
- Solid background in game mechanics and system and level design
- AAA Experience
- Strong Vision on Art and Design
- UI/UX flow expert

Rocket Ride Games

Rocket Ride games is a complete solutions provider. They specialize in providing Video Games companies everything from funding to business development, Production Management and marketing strategies.


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